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"I liked Tim's presentation style.  He kept it lively, fun, entertaining, and even enjoyed himself as much as we were.  His enthusiasm for the subject matter is obvious."

Barbara Shields
Austin, TX


Professional fundraiser and speaker Tim Crum has successfully helped individuals and non-profit organizations across the Country develop robust fundraising programs that create financially healthy and sustainable organizations.  Tim's presentations focus on understanding all of the information and statistics available to us about donors and funding trends to leverage our processes and abilities.  Audiences value Tim's approach, knowledge and experience while taking delight in his enthusiasm and quick wit.  

Since 2008, Tim has invested over 10,000-hours consulting with more than 60 organizations; with more than 1,000 hours on-site as a management consulting observing, interviewing and advising executives, boards and managers in a wide variety of business functions from fundraising to operations to board governance.

Tim is registered with eSpeakers
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