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"Thank you for the onsite training on Sunday. I was pleased with the process and took away a lot of value from your visit. Staff has also shared positive feedback as well."

-Tiffany Thompson, Director of Customer Service

 City of Denton, TX

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" I think Tim Crum is one of the thought leaders in the animal sheltering industry. I love everything he does and respect his work immensely."

- Elizabeth Rubin,Trustee/Founder/President

Adopt A Rescue Pet - Las Vegas, NV

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I cannot thank you enough--I truly cannot--for you seizing this opportunity for us and for your fundraising guidance and help. The notes to several donation entries have been "great appeal"  and "what a great email."  Truly the touch of a master fundraiser.  

The appeal went out at about 12:15.  Since then, we've had over 75 donations and they range from $5 to $1,000--with A LOT AROUND $50-100.  In fact, we've received three $1,000 gifts and one $800 gift. One of the donors who donated $1,000 was a former board member.  I'm absolutely blown away by the response, the effectiveness and the donations coming in every 5-10 seconds.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!  Oh please let me write a recommendation for your fundraising skills and advice!!!!

Kathleen Toth, President

Friends of Animals Utah, UT

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"Tim Crum was the featured speaker for a special half-day workshop on fundraising held as part of our 2012 Michigan Partnership for Animal Welfare Conference.  Attendees raved about his presentation skills and content, saying that “this workshop alone was worth the price of admission” and “took more notes than I ever have at a conference”.  We will definitely be inviting Mr. Crum back as a speaker for future conferences and can positively attest to his knowledge, presentation skills and ability to engage his audiences."
Monica Celizic, Chief of Staff 
Michigan Humane Society - Detroit, MI

(ADDITIONAL NOTES: Tim was invited back to speak at the 2014 Michigan Partnership for Animal Welfare Conference.  22 conference attendees responded to the 2012 conference survey and using a 5-scale rating (5 being the highest score), Tim's final average score was 4.9 for Knowledge of Subject and 4.8 for Presentation Skills and 4.8 for Visual Aids.) 


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"It was great meeting you this weekend at the Texas Unites for Animals Conference.  I really enjoyed your workshops.  I found your information to be, in my opinion, the best workshops I attended at the conference.   Thanks again for help in making my responsibilities as a Director easier."

- Tim Alvey- Director
Humane Society of Angelina County - Lufkin, TX

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​"The Humane Society of Sedona has used Tim Crum in a variety of ways. We have sent staff to classes, hired Tim as a consultant for Strategic Planning with our Board of Directors, and even hired Tim to emcee one of our fundraising events! We are grateful to Tim to have created a company that provides support, advocacy, consultation and training in such a personable and professional manner. Thank you Tim!"

- John Canon, President Board of Directors

​Humane Society of Sedona - Sedona, AZ

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"I have had the pleasure of working with Tim Crum and the Animal Shelter Fundraising team on several projects including a Building Planning Study and Feasibility Study. The information gathered through these studies has been invaluable to the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society.  I have been most impressed with Tim's professionalism and integrity. He has represented our organization well when speaking with board members, donors and community leaders.  I highly recommend Animal Shelter Fundraising and Tim Crum. Tim is the only consultant I know of whose background includes working in animal shelters and in fundraising. This unique combination is invaluable to those of us in the animal welfare industry."

- Mary Beth Wegener, Executive Director
Olympic Peninsula Humane Society - Port Angeles, WA

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